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80s Fashion Vs Today

80s fashion

If we start the talking about the 80s fashion, so every lady is belonging to this era should feel grateful, this era that characterized by the daring and also characterized by new shouts of great elegance that added to the appearance of the ladies the power of character. And it is noticeable the return and impact of this fashion again and strongly, yet the features of the fashion for the past years still paint the current fashion features. Since 2017 the fashion lines have introduced some of the most famous fashion trends in the 1980s, which have grown significantly this year to become more than 80%. When we start          a comparison, we should begin to identify the features of this era, which was characterized by daring in all its designs, as the fashion designs influenced with the economics renaissance and became the well-known brands is one of the methods to express the wealth and left a great impression in the eyes of beholders.

  • The most important features that characterized the designs of the closing of the eighties, which emerged in this period:

The wide shoulders, the large shirts, trousers with wide leggings and with various colours, jeans, tight leather pants, the leather skirts that is straight to the knee, the jackets that decorated with different logos and badges, and for sure we can’t forget the short skirts.

And also characterized by fashion with the bright colours, the jewelleries and the huge earrings that filled with the precious stones.

As well as the hairstyles, as the curly hairstyle was very famous at this period, and the high and wide fringe.

And we can’t forget about the makeup, it was one of the most important feature that characterized the period of eighties, where the colours were vivid and also the eye shadow colours were intense, including the green, the blue, the pink and even the violet were given a basic appearance of beauty, and the red lip gloss, that was shiny and also the dark were common.

So the makeup of the eighties is the fashion of this winter too and can be revived, but with a modern touch without exaggeration the use of the bright colours and can be replaced by the colours with the light colours grades, or you can use the vivid colours with light lip gloss.

And from the art icons in this period Madonna, Tina Turner, Brook Shields, Joan Collins, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, and many others stars who formed with their fashion the inspiration for the fashion designers in 2018.

So the Autumn and the winter fashion of this season is witnessing the emergence of the wide-waisted trousers whether in the jeans or the canvas trousers, and also the clothes that made of leather that you can find in jackets or skirts, which will be signed by a large number of the international fashion houses, and this according to the NASA news agency.

Also the ruffles have become popular again, as it was a part of 80s trends and were as a basic look in this period, and now you can find the ruffles in different items designs, like tops, jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, and even in shoes and bags, and you can choose this 80s trend in the way that you prefer specially in the evening looks.

The off-Shoulder tops and dresses fashion are another amazing 80s look that has spread so much in the last summer and continued to the winter fashion designs of this season, and this unique style you can find it now in runways, magazine covers, and streets in all over the world. And about this look you can wear it easily during the daytime and for sure it will be amazing also if you keep the single shoulder dresses in the evening parties.

So the strength and the daring are the features of the current and future fashion lines that will be decorated with the leather clothes and the various and vivid colours, in order to give the women a magical and glamorous look.


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