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How To Conduct A Good Job Interview?

how to conduct interview

As the employment market improves and candidates have more options, hiring the right person for the job has become increasingly difficult. “Pipelines are depleted and more companies are competing for top talent,” says Claudio Fernández-Aráoz, a senior adviser at global executive search firm Egon Zehnder.

So conducting an interview with the job candidate seems easier than it is. The problem always come when many managers who don’t realize that they have a problem with how to conduct an interview to be able to choose the talented job applicant, as they must prepare well for all the hiring process before interviewing the job applicants, and this will, of course, enhance their ability to make a good choice among all applicants.

Conducting an interview is a one stage of the hiring process where preparation and structure are essential, so that the interview guides are always important and a great way to improve the hiring process, and if you use these guides well and correctly, they can help in choosing well the right and good talented candidate and who will be a good fit for each position.

Let’s look at some of the components of a great interview guide that the hiring managers should do before conducting an interview:

  • Schedule it out:

You have to handle the great time with the job applicants and which will be great with you and make sure that you reserved enough time to cover all the key areas that you want to discuss. And this will allowing you to be efficient and show that you respect the job applicant’s time.

  • Prepare yourself.

Before meeting the job applicants face-to-face, you need to figure out exactly what you are looking for, so that you have to be aware with the job description points for each position very well and review them to make sure it is reflect the current requirements for each position to discuss them with the job applicants.

  • Prepare your Interview Questions.

Write down and prepare the right questions that you intend to ask and these questions must base on:

  • Behavioural
  • Specific Situations
  • Functional Skills
  • Past Experiences

So develop your questions from the area of the candidate’s background and skills based on the job description and its skills, and be sure to maintain the eye contact with the job applicants during the interview.

  • Meet in a comfortable place.

Before conducting the interview you have to make arrangements to reserve a meeting room which will be quit and comfortable, and for sure the meeting room is a better place for conducting an interview than your office. But if your office will be your only choice, so try just to make it as a calm and comfortable place. Clear your desk, close the door and make your mobile silent.

  • Reduce Stress.

The job applicants always find the job interviews stressful, so that you have to try to break the ice between you and the job applicants. When you meet the job applicants try to be friendly and meet him with a great smile and make a good greeting to him and may you can ask him if he would like to take a drink. Always know that “When people are stressed they do not perform as well“.

  • Consider Culture Fit.

The importance of “cultural fit” in successful hiring. As you should to look for signs that “the candidate will be comfortable at your organization”. Think about your company’s work environment and compare it to the candidate’s orientation, and try to make sure he can acclimate to a new culture.

  • Evaluation the Candidate.

During the interview, you should be taking notes and your notes should help to inform the rating that you give. At the end of the interview, after the candidate has left, you should summarize your notes and ratings on a candidate evaluation form. This document helps you explain to your interview team your opinion about the candidate. If each interviewer completes one, you will end up making bettering hiring choices.


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