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How to determine your life goals?


“Find Your Passion”

You have to start with asking yourself, do you have a clear goal in your life that you feel you live for achieving, as there are 95% from people don’t have a clear goal in their lives and even do not know the real role that they created for, they are used to live like most people who they don’t have reasons for what they are doing in their lives. They use to meet the expectations of everyone around them rather than trying to figure out what is most important to them, or how to create and live a life that they dream about.

Why most people do not know how to identify their goals?

There are many reasons that make you unable to identify your goals including your fear of failure, the society, the lack of confidence in yourself and in your capabilities, your frustrated friends and relatives, and many others reasons.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something in your life, If you have dreams, you have to protect them and believe in yourself.

So The Second question is, Why should we set goals for our lives?

When you have no specific goals in your life you will become a human who is being distracted and going according to circumstances and does not know what he wants to be or do in his life.

But when you have specific and clear goals in your life, then you will have a clear vision for your future and will follow a steady path towards your goals and dreams.

So if you set your goals in life, you will achieve these goals fasters and will make better decisions and you will feel that you are a successful and happier person, and thus will increase your confidence in yourself and in your abilities.

And here will know the four steps that will help us know how to define our goals in life:

1/ In the first step, we will analyze the current situation to find out where we are now through making SWOT analysis.

2/ In the second step, we will begin to set the goals based on the previous analysis. This will be through converting the previous analytical points into sentences by adding some words such as:

  • Add “increase, develop or maintain” before each strength point.
  • Add “reduce or improve” before each weakness point.
  • Add “get” before each opportunity.
  • Add “prevent or reduce the impact” before each threat.

3/ In the third step, we will work to turn the goals into real goals by making them SMART goals, by making these goals Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and have a specific time frame.

4/ In the fourth step, we will start in the implementation plan, the plan always doesn’t succeed on its own unless it is implemented effectively. As the planning and the implementation are two sides of the same coin, it is the success.

Now after we knew how to determine your life goals, you will need to believe more in yourself and have this trust that you can do anything you want, and try to don’t be realistic all the time just dream and fight to make all your dreams come true by working more on and make them your passion in life without giving up or losing your hope.


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