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New Skills to learn In the Quarantine time


The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus has forced more people to stay at home leading to seemingly endless hours trapped inside with little to do.

However, we can look at the good side, which is that we have a lot of time to learn new things and to enhance our skill and professional expertise, instead of spending this period simply scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, let us learn how to exploit this time to develop our skills and enhance our expertise to be stronger.

  1. Work on your weaknesses:

In the beginning, you have to make SWOT analysis for your current situation and find out your strengths, your weaknesses, your opportunities, and the threats that you can find.

After making the SWOT analysis, you have to begin to set some goals at this period to work on your weaknesses, and to enhance your skills more.

Like learning a new language, or learn a new function in your career that you did not work on before, or enhancing your soft skills more.

You can find many free courses to use online to learn from them free, and I recommend for you this website that has many courses in all fields and you can use most of them free.

  1. Read your favourite books:

If the reading was one of your hobbies, then this is the best time to collect your favourite books that you would like to read, and you can find many books online to read free, like Start reading and enjoy your hoppy that you would not find time for in your busy life.

  • Watch Motivational Movies:

You can exploit this period to watch motivational movies that will change your outlook on life and can give you a positive energy to be able to continue and not defeat, also this kind of movies can change your way in thinking and make you think more better and can give you good ideas in your life.

  • Practice Sports Activities:

If you like to do sports activities, you can continue to do your favourite sports at home through many YouTube channels that can help you to practice or through many free applications that you can downloading on your mobile.

  • Make Freelance Work:

You can also exploit this period to do some freelance work, as there many website that you can use to do freelance work, like or, and more websites like them that you can sign up on them and search for a freelance work.

  • Update your Business Profile – LinkedIn:

It is a good time to make a professional profile on LinkedIn and update your CV, make it more professional and put on LinkedIn.

Through LinkedIn, you can make a great business network and search for a good opportunity for you, as LinkedIn nowadays on of the greatest resources for all HR members to find the best candidates in each field.

If you think and look at the good side of all bad circumstances that we have, we can find it is a good chance from Allah to start over again, and have more time with our families and make many things that we could not find time for it before.

In addition to, it is a good time to get closer to ALLAH and keep prayers and supplication more often.

Always try to enjoy your time and do not be disappointed or let the depression dominate you, always think how to exploit your time well and for your benefit.

Good Luck For you All.


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