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The Employee Engagement, and why we should Care about it?


Definition of Employee Engagement:

Firstly we will need to know what is the right definition of the employee engagement, and if you search online you will find a lot of definitions and explanations for the employee engagement like the following definition and more:

Employee Engagement is a property of the relationship between an organization and its employees. An “engaged employee” is defined as one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive action to further the organization’s reputations and interests.(Source: Wikipedia)

But I tried to challenge myself to find a concise explanation for employee engagement.

Employee Engagement is one of the most important reasons for the success and growth of any company, and it has a significant impact on the behavior of the employee and the level of enthusiasm and dedication towards his job.

So the engagement makes the employees interested more in their work and the performance of the company, and make them always feel that their efforts and work make a difference, and that will lead to emotional connection between the employee and the company and this connection will affect the behavior and level of effort in the performance of work and makes him feel eager to work and to achieve the goals of the company.

How to establish and improve the culture of Employee Engagement:

Each organization has to know the importance of establishing the culture of employee engagement and how they can get highly engaged employees.

There are some ways to encourage employee engagement:

  • Onboarding & Training.

The way of the onboarding and training for any new employee are very important, because this will be the great time for them to communicate with their co-workers and to develop connections to the company and to know more about the company, With a successful onboarding and training program, employees will learn how to effectively do their job. This is the time they can engage with you and ask questions, offer ideas, and voice concerns.

  • Transparency.

The organization has to focus on the transparency to break down the barriers, and encourage the creativity and the collaboration among employees, and as a result, the employees will feel more empowered.

  • The Company Plan & Goals.

To have a successful business, you need a clear business plan with a list of goals, and to engage your employees, you will need to involve them in achieving the business goals.

You should set annual, quarterly and monthly goals so employees will have something to work toward. When employees achieving the goals will be a great thing to encourage employee engagement. Employees always will need to know how their work affects and impacts on the success of your business.

  • Acknowledge Employees.

Employees can feel disengaged with their organization if they feel they’re invisible. It is very important to develop a relationship of respect and friendship between the employer and the employee.

Acknowledge employees doesn’t mean give them praise for every little thing they do, it is about to emphasize acknowledging them that you know and appreciates their hard work and efforts by saying to them Thank you, Appreciate your extra efforts.

  • Employee Development.

Employees always accept their job offers depend on the salary and the benefits that the organization offer, as the employees will always want to develop their skills and continue challenging themselves.

So you can focus on employee development in different ways. Adding new tasks to their work, offer job rotation, offer training plans.        

Why Employee Engagement is that much important:

There are many reasons for the importance of employee engagement and how it is very beneficial to any workplace. As the organization that supports and encourages the employee engagement is going to do better overall.

Here are other reasons why employee engagement is important:

  • Employee Engagement Increasing the Productivity of the company.

Try always to find ways to engage your employees because this will impact on their attitudes and behaviors, and will let them feel good about their work and contributions to your company and they will be very proud to be a part of your organization, and feel valued. So the employee engagement is a great investment to boost the organization productivity.

  • Satisfied and Happy Employees.

Employee engagement is one of the ways to boost employee job satisfaction. Engaged employees are more satisfied with their jobs than the others, as employees who believe that management is caring about them as a person are more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees put extra effort into what they do mean more satisfied customers that lead to more profitability.

  • Better Employee Retention.

Engaged employees are involved and invested in their roles and are therefore less likely to leave their job. And when the organization focuses on the satisfaction and happiness of the employees, that will make them have more loyalty to their organization.


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