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The Real Meaning of Love


Love, when you listen to this word often your heart moves and comes to your mind a picture for a beloved person who you love from your heart without knowing the reason behind this feeling.

Love is a magic and a gift that GOD gave us as a miracle that connects between the two sexes to reconstruct the earth not only by creation but by love too.

When you discover that you have fallen in love, you will notice that all your life will change and your outlook on everything in life will be different. You will feel like you love all the people around you much more, and you will wish from your heart that all people feel the same happiness of love, and you will become a person who is willing to sacrifice anything to make your beloved happy, also you will feel like you have a great energy of creativity that makes you do all your work much better.

  • So how do you know that you met your right soulmate?

You will know that you met your soulmate when you find that feeling when you meet someone and you immediately have this magic chemistry, this instant connection that’s overwhelming and hard to ignore, the one who stimulates all your senses without knowing how this happened and can’t be explained.

  • But what are the other signs that we can find in the right soulmate?

When you find the person who supports you in each step in your life, the person who lives with you all your important and unimportant details, who understands you without speaking and even knowing the tone of your voice if you are sad or happy, the person who is ready to go an extra mile and do anything just to put a smile on your face and make you feel happy with him, someone who his deeds match his words, who put you above his pride, someone who you trust that may get tired but will never leave.

Being in a relationship is about being with someone who knows how to bring your smile into your face in a way no one can ever do, who you trust more than anyone and would like just to share with him your good, bad and ugly about yourself, and also your hopes, fears, and fantasies, without any fear of being judged or losing him.

  • What after finding your real love, how will you keep it?

When you find this person who loves you from his heart and you make sure that it is a real love, this love that there are many people who keep looking about it in all their lives, you need to know how to keep this love which is the secret of our happiness, for that you and your partner have to work hard to keep this love.

  • Show Respect & Appreciation:

Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love, so that there must be mutual respect between you and your partner and deal in a tactful manner such as thanking and showing appreciation for everything he does for you even if it is simple.

  • Learn to be a good Listener:  

If you can learn how to listen in a way that makes your love feel valued and understood without more explains as you can listen and understand all his feeling with small words with his tone of voice, and that we make you can build a deeper and stronger connection between you and your partner. When you really listen with all your heart, when you’re engaged with what’s being said – you’ll hear and feel your partner’s voice that tells you how he’s really feeling and the emotions he’s trying to communicate.

  • The Giving:

Giving is one of the most important things that makes you keep your relationship with your partner without problems, because giving is what makes your partner in a state of permanent gratitude, which makes him condone any problem or anger that may occur.

  • Try to commit to spend some time together:

No matter how busy you are, just try to take some time each day and stop thinking about any other things and really just focus on and connect with your partner. Try to find something that you enjoy doing together like shared hobby, dance class, daily walk, or sitting together in any romantic place. Try to travel together each year to a new place, it is a good way to connect and make a good memories together.

  • Learn how to be willing to forgive:

No one is infallible, so when there is a problem or any something goes wrong with your partner, we must learn how to forgive each other, as the resolving conflict is impossible if you’re unwilling or unable to forgive others. When there is conflict try to take a break or take some time to calm down before you say or do something you’ll regret.

  • Be Caring:

Each one of us needs the care and attention from the partner, you must try to take care of all your partner details and all his interests. You must give and respect your partner space, always try to make a nice surprise to your partner. When your partner has a problem just be quiet and listen, as some time you need for someone who is caring a lot to listen to you without judging who is willing just to hug you to feel safe and better. Say I love you to your partner always and show how much you love.

Love is this ray and hope that gives our hearts the life and happiness. If we know the true meaning of love that GOD has given us as a great blessing in this life, we will be able to solve all our problems and the man and the woman can understand each other and understand the meaning of love and the meaning of marriage.


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